Why do guys like to mess with girls heads?

This guy and I are friendly/friends but he knows I like him and yet he continually flirts with me but then talks about other women/hits on other women in front of me, he knows it bothers me but does it anyway. If I talk about other guys he is bothered yet he doesn't want me? Why do guys do this? How do i explain to him to stop this?


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  • It depends first on how close you 2 are. And also, are you sure he knows you like him? a lot of girls thinks they are being "obvious" with their flirt but they are completly not. why you think that? did you told him you like him?

    • He asked me to hang out and I told him how I felt/to stop messing with me and he said sorry blah blah he was interested in some other girl and that didn't work out later on but anyways he keeps doing it. he gets jealous if i talk to other guys yet he's always flirting with other girls in front of me... he knows it bothers me too. wth?

    • I really dont want to be rude, and maybe im wrong, but you just seem like you are is, how can i say, your like his last resort. He basically wanna try with other girls that he is more interested in, but if everything fails, he will have you to fall back on. And he is jealous when you talk to other guys because he kinda takes you for granted. If you want my advice, just move on. If like, you never told him your feelings, he could be doing that just to make you jealous, but since you already told him how you felt, turn the page. You sound like a really nice girl, dont waste your time with an egocentrical douche, that only thinks about himself :) keep in mind, thats my opinion, I might be wrong, but if i were you, I would turn the page, and not take any risk with these tyoes of guys

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  • That's not messing with anyone's head. Women do the same thing. It's called practicing haha. That and he's probably trying to make you jealous, and apparently it's working.

  • Girls mess with our heads a lot more


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