Does he want to be with me?

I am going to list this to make it easier:

1. he has told me he really likes me
2. we go on date "like" activities and if there is money involved he pays, but we've never gone anywhere really fancy or where he planned it out beforehand (for some reason I can't really picture the two of us somewhere really fancy, when I'm with him sometimes I feel like I'm 18 again... and I like that.
3. He compliments me often, calls me beautiful instead of hot and compliments my intelligence and likes to listen to what I'm studying
4. he holds me in public
5. he's always trying to be closer to me
6. we have sex a lot, but we both love having sex with each other, and he often mentions, if it's heading in that direction "we don't have to"
7. he asks about my family, friends
8. he asks my opinion on a lot of things
9. he's told me about his upbringing, including cute and funny little anecdotes about his family members
10. he's only ever been in love and been in a relationship once
11. he has kind of a "bad boy" reputation, but when he's with me, he is polite and kind
12. we don't talk as often as I'd like, and sometimes he says I stress him out
13. we have fought before, and I have seen real emotions from him, he once accused me of "messing with them"
14. I know the end of the first relationship he ever had was really really hard on him, but he never talks about it
15. he tries to come back when I tell him I don't want to do this anymore (we have been on and off and not official)
16. I always catch him looking at me, and it's always my face
17. sometimes I feel like he keeps me at a distance
18. I have met his closest friends
19. some of my fondest memories have been with him, and some of the most painful
20. he told me he could fall in love with me

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he's better than he thinks he is, and i think his last relationship left him feeling really bad about himself and I don't really know how to help him with that
how long should you be with a guy before you should expect him to commit? is it a really big deal?


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  • Your second update is an expectation. If you want to go with that, you might as well consider your relationship over.
    He seems to like you, guaranteed he's a little touch and go because of his previous relationship but he's making a real effort. he's including you. I'd say lay off "expecting" anything and just be yourself and let him be himself and that will draw him closer and eventually, Commitment will happen on its own. You can't force that. Know that now. and a way to NOT get committed to, is by "Expecting" a commitment. do you see what I'm doing with the expect thing?

    • yeah, I do, that's really helpful. I was putting a lot of pressure on him.

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    • yeah sure I'd love to see it

    • message me

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  • You just had some troubles, all couples have them. Keep your hopes up :)

    • thank you :)

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    • Guys have more insecurities than you would think. Sometimes, even more than girls. Maybe he is worried about the comments you both would get about your relationship being public or something like that.
      I would suggest talking with him about it. After all, honest communication is crucial between partners :)

    • well I have cut him off for now because of it, I'm trying to think about when I want to try talking to him again and have us not be on edge with each other, I think we both just felt really misunderstood.

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