I like a girl at work. Do I still have a chance with her?

I like this girl at work, we went out a couple of times and she said she didn't want a relationship because we work together, thing is she keeps flirting with me she holds my hand, plays with my hair, she told me she told her best friend about me. Do I still have a chance with her?


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  • Hmmmmm it's possible she just enjoys the attention and flirting at work. Sounds like she could frustrate the shit out if u. I suggest dialking down the flirting and sort of go a bit cold on her and see her reaction


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  • It CAN be a bit of a hassle working with someone you are interested in dating for a few reasons.

    1. It can cause tension if you are both of a flirty personality. You/She definitely wouldn't want to be bf/gf and see each other getting too friendly for those boundaries at work.
    2. If you don't work out and break up there is that awkwardness of having to see each other at work and interact while the wound is still fresh.

    I'd say to her, we can keep it 100 at work and just do our job and keep our intimacy to outside of work hours (Ive done this and it works well). If she's not interested in that? Give her some space and stop making yourself so available. I know you like her and she's messing with you which is making you feel good -- but making yourself too available is going to bore her before you even get started.

    Good luck!