How skinny is too skinny?

How skinny is too skinny?


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  • Prominent collarbones can be present in various bone structures regardless of weight.
    Gaunt face = too skinny.
    Ribs showing can be healthy to some degree (the bottom rib or two), but if I can see ALL your ribs, front and back, you're too skinny.
    Thigh gap either indicates that you're bowlegged or too skinny. Even ballet dancers strive to have their thigh muscles touch when their legs are together. A 'window' isn't desirable.
    Dark circles under the eyes, limp hair, a sallow color to the skin, brittle fingernails, low energy, irritability, and tendency to bruise easily can also indicate that someone is dangerously underweight.
    I also consider very prominent hip bones to mean that someone is much too skinny.


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