Friends with benefits of more?

We've been FWBs for a few months now and we see each other at least once a week. We usually hang out for a few hours and then hook up. While we're hanging out it's pretty friendly - just handholding and hugging. But after we hook up it gets really confusing. We cuddle and chat about deep, intimate things for hours. But he'll just stare at me, really intently, for ages. I ask him what's wrong or what he's thinking but he never says. It's kind of strange!

We just seem to click and really get each other, except for the fact that I just don't know what he's thinking! I don't know what he wants either. He said a while ago that he didn't want anything serious, but since then his behavior seems to have changed. He texts more and wants to see me more and just acts differently. Does any of this mean anything or should I take him at his word and just accept that he doesn't want anything?


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  • Why don't you ask him if he wants more?
    Guys are not shy about expressing their feelings