When will he ask me to be his girl?

Okay soooo I've been talking to this boy for almost a year now.. And it's been great! I really like him a lot. I asked him awhile ago how he felt about me just so we could be on the same page and he felt the same way. I was happy the feelings were mutual.. but I'm just wondering when will he ask me to be his girl? It already feels as if we're in a relationship.. but we're not. And I want to be in one with him. Shouldn't he already know with us talking for almost a year in all of whether or not he's going to make me his girl? Like what is he waiting for lol or am I just being to eager and need to just go with the flow?


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  • I say drop him because if a guy REALLY liked you he would not wait a year to make things official. I'm in a similar situation but as of today I'm doing a lot of blocking and deleting:) . There is a guy out there for you who won't play games and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You have to get rid of the jerks and make room for the good guys...;)