Guys….. is he just an asshole or does he like me and dosnt want to admit it?

I've been talking to this guy for 6 months. sometimes his sweet but sometimes his a dick.. he texts me pretty much everyday and if i text him he responds within 10 min.. we had sex a few times but sometimes when we text his like wanna come over make love and most often I'm like no not unless you show me love and he laughs about it.. and i never go over to have sex but yet he still talks to me. i want to date him but he won't give in yet he still talks to me. i asked him what he likes about me he said the fact that i don't put up with his shit…
so my question is.. is this just a chase for him? or is there a possibility he actually likes me but won't admit it.
he has told me he likes me in the past but its not like his asking me to be his gf sooooo i don't believe it


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  • I think he likes you but may not be willing to give up the single life style. he responds fast so there is an interest, other wise he wouldn't move that fast on getting back to you. You haven't made him make a choice so he just sticks around. I would say press the issue a little and see where he goes with it. Usually when forced to make a decision you will see a persons true colors/intentions.


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  • He's playing games. Dump him and find a real man who's not afraid to make a real commitent.