Ways to let guys know indirectly that you are only interested in having a relationship and not a fling/casual thing?

This seems to be my problem every time I date... everything is nice and peachy in the beginning (lasts a few weeks to a month) and then the guy bounces or starts becoming a jerk. I must admit I am too nice at times and too understanding so maybe that's why? But I want to head from ladies on how you have been successful in dating, getting it official (tell me how that happens for you), and it lasted long term.

Just want some insight because I'm 22, I don't want to go through heartbreak again, and want a relationship I build on (I've never had a steady relationship).


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  • why tell him indirectly? beeing direct from the beginning is better for both of you. so why not do it? :)

    • yeah that does sound better haha... I just thought it would scare a guy off too quick. I guess I'm just not sure how soon that should be said?

    • well it might scare off some guys to quick, but at least you know where they stand. if they still agree to meet you after you told them that, you'll know his interests are more or less the same then yours. if they dont want to meet you after you tell them, it might piss you off at first, but when you think about it with a clear head, you'll be happy you didn't waste your time!

    • True true, thanks :)

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  • Just tell him straight up


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