When a guy says he doesn't want a relationship because he has baggage?

I'm dating him for a month and we had this discussion because we both were confused about what's going on.

He said he's just been in one relationship for 6 years and that he broke up 2 years ago but he's still talking to her and meeting her because she's very emotionally unstable and depressed because she still wants to be with him. He doesn't want to be with her but doesn't want to hurt her so he said he's in a mess.

He said he would still like to meet me and that we should be friends. Is he rejecting me because he doesn't like me or does he really have baggage? I like him a lot and I enjoy his company.


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  • Sounds just like me!! If so, he likes you but can't leave the other (due to all that shit) It is baggage, and it is dangerous. I want to break it off with both my partner and my other girl because I just want to start fresh.

    • So should I stop talking to him and tell him I only want a relationship in the hopes that he'll come back or just be his friend and support him?

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    • Thank you for the insight! I think I'll start dating other people.

    • Yeah, its your life and you deserve the full attention.

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  • He is confused the best course of action would be to find another guy
    this guy will always cause trouble because he still has feelings for the ex and is not ready to accept them


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