How to ask her out? What exactly to say?

there's a girl in my college class I've been talking to properly for about 3 months, and we Facebook message nearly everyday, mainly about life and class and stuff. I want to ask her out but im scared of getting rejected and everyone in class knowing. How should i phrase it? What should i say? Is there a anything subtle i could ask her first to gauge her interest?


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  • Steezus Khryst... don't keep screwing around. What the hell is wrong with you?

    Are you waiting for another guy to snatch her up. You like her? Ask her out. Don't guess. Take a chance. Life is short.

    With all the pining away effort and masturbating over her energy you have expended, she could have had a few orgasms from you by now. Just meet her f2f and ask her out. If she says no, move on. if she says yes, after a few dates tell you have crush on her if you see she has an interest in you. Ask he how she feels about commitment. It is either yes or no. If she commits, love her and treasure her and maybe she will do so in return. If she says no to commitment and you want a steady, committed girl move on.

    Is any of this that goddamn fudging hard?

    Get some mf'ing books on it. Go ahead read up on it and let someone else enjoy her delectables while you taking polls with your dick in your hand.

    Go ask these guys...

    Read this...

    When you all done studying, pick up your balls off the floor before someone steps on them and just ASK HER OUT!


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  • Organize a group hang (so there would be like four or five people) and invite her! Say "hey some friends and I were going to get together, it would be cool if you joined us". That way it's not as threatening and she is more likely to say yes. If that goes well, then ask her to coffee, because it's not intimidating and it's pretty casual. you'd just ask "hey want to grab some coffee after class?" then if she says yes and it goes well, ask her on a date.

  • Here's what you say: You know I really enjoy talking to you. I think you're pretty cool. Do you think you'd wanna hang out sometime?

    This is super simple, it isn't overly out there or aggressive, but it still indicates that you're interested. If other people find out in your class, just own it like it isn't a big deal. No one can tease you about something they think you don't care about. You should be proud to have the balls to ask a girl out.

  • I had a similar issue with a guy. there's not really any way. I just bluntly said it. Its the best way to get it out there. Good luck!


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