I wrote her letters?

This girl recently really came on to me, she was flirting a lot calling and texting me daily, she would write me stuff etc, hold my hand she even came over and cooked for me, we went on a couple dates and she said she was not looking for a relationship now, i started to write her back and soon it was just me writing her, thing is, things have not really progressed with us, she loves getting the notes and gets kinda mad when i don't write them, i like her but i feel like she's just kind of leading me on, i also see her every day and she still flirts with me a ton, is it time to move on though?


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  • I would say she's just in it for attention, which is all you're giving her. Who wouldn't want to be showered in love letters? I think she also probably respects you less because you're giving her so much attention. Which sucks, but is possible.


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