He's STILL texting and calling me even though im ignoring him. Why & what should I do? Please answer,?

Now im starting to feel bad because he texted me earlier n I ignored him, now he just called me.. I don't know what to even say to him? He told me he deleted my number yesterday, but apparently he didn't. Help!!! I really liked him when we were talking, but I felt like he was just in it for the sex. Im so confused


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  • Obviously there's feelings there. Or it could possibly mean he just wants a fix (if you know what I mean)

    • What do I say to him though?

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  • What makes you think that?

    • Think what?

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    • Lol what kind of bait? What do I say to him?

    • Set up a situation that'll make answer your question for you or you can just simply ask him

  • Talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Tell him that sex is off the table out of the question not gonna happen. If he stays after that, he either doesn't believe you or is a door mat. Tell him you don't date doormats you wipe your feet on them. look him in the eye when you tell him. Don't smile. Be dead serious. Do it in person.

    • The problem is... I was the door mat lol

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