What would your take on this be..Help?

Okay so my bf and I were getting all close and he always ask for oral sex but never seems to return the fav ever... So one day he asks me again, and I reply with what about me this time.
Well he got mad went to the washroom and did it himself moaning and all..
No one has ever done this to me or made me feel this way before I'm not sure how to handle this.. I'm pretty upset.. Wwyd? Help!!!


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  • i really dont want to be mean, but as an outsider hearing this, it was really funny what he did lol! but all jokes aside, that was really weird. even if none of you did oral, im assuming you guys would still have sex right? he would rather masturbate alone then having sex with his girlfriend? that seems really weird to me. and him never returning the favor is just very selfish. so basicly picture me in a black old ladys voice saying 'lose that zero, get yourself a hero'

    • lol he started a huge fight with me about it saying hows its not a contest and were not keeping score..

    • ohh and lets not forget after me ginving oral i get nothibg at all

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  • Scum bag give him blue balls teach him a lesson.

  • I would dump the inconsiderate prick.

  • try shaving your pussy and keeping it clean...
    then lie in 69 position blow him

    • It's always shaved and very clean :) ...
      Thank you very much

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    • maybe he's a jerk...
      try 69...

    • Mhmm

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