Girls's Opinions Please: How to recover from not responding to "I love you" the way she wanted?

So I posted in girl's behavior since I was confused on why she acted a certain way when she texted me "I love you". The short version, she randomly texts "I love you" to me at 2AM, I didn't respond the way she wanted. She avoided answering in what way she meant I love you until a year later when the subject was brought up randomly, to which she replied; "I meant it as I love you as a friend, I hope I didn't lead you on". Also, after she had texted me I love you, I noticed she started saying things that she knew would anger/annoy me.

All the opinions I got said she had feelings for me, but when I didn't respond the way she wanted she retraced so that she could save her ego.

My question is how exactly do I recover from such a mess up? It's obvious too late to apologize since this happened 2 years ago. I had feelings for her once when she was dating someone, but I didn't pursue them. Then she had feelings for me, but at that time I was seeing someone.


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  • I think you should just talk to her and be honest about your feelings and the confusion about the whole "I love you" situation and don't have this talk with her over the phone. Do it in person.

    • Thank you, sorry for the late response, just saw I had a reply! Yeah this is something I rather do in person, that way I can read her reactions to determine if they're genuine or not.

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