Ever had a breakdown?

So lately I've pushed my feelings aside to be able to just be focused and study for my upcoming exam. But yesterday i was so down and usually i think of everything when im about to go to sleep. Last night i just broke down in bed and cried like never before.. and to be honest it was because I've never had a boyfriend and the ones I've dated just dont stick around and im tired of dating and im losing hope.. and i feel pressured.. cause all my friends have a bf


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  • its nothing you should be too worried about. i get it, its something you want badly but you shouldn't compare yourself to your friends. we're all different. its better the ones you dated don't stick around, maybe they would've turned out pretty bad. just keep swimming. and focus on those studies too.

    • I know but trust me i feel like in honestly going to die alone. Its not that people aren't attracted to me but maybe its my personality? i dont go out much and i dont meet a lot of guys.. all my guy friends are gay.. i feel lost in this love scene... why do we need love

    • its in our nature. it may be your personality but that isn't a bad thing. that just means you've had bad match ups and still have to hold out for the right one. most people feel like the will die alone, but you honestly don't know what the future holds. you have to hold onto faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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  • I biggest breakdown I remember having was last year and there was just a bunch of stuff going wrong and I want into the bathroom and turned the tub on (only cold water because we ran out of the thing that makes it hot) and just sat in the freezing water and cried harder and louder than I ever remember. I had a small breakdown yesterday in class because I had a bad test mark which was adding on the other bad marks I was getting in that class and I just silently cried in the class, Ugh

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