Do you think going back to any old relationship is a waste of time? Why? Or why not?

Going back to somebody's who's cheating on you? Would it be stupid? Is there a possibility it would work?

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  • So who knows maybe it's possible in very rare cases. however if a guy cheated on me and I decided to forgive him it would be like letting him think it's okay to treat me like crap and there would always be that
    doubt in my mind about is he being faithful or not..


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  • When they failed to give what was needed once they would likely be useless twice.


What Girls Said 1

  • The thing is there is a possibility but it is really really small. If he cheated once, realized his mistake and came and confessed, I could give him only and I mean only ONE more chance.

    But if you mean he was having an affair behind your back then thats not a one off, just walk away. All those times he didn't care enough about the relationship or your feelings. What makes you think he will now? I mean unless he is a total idiot, he should have known thats gonna hurt you.

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