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Ok the guy in dating is really sweet and amazing. Neither one of us have had our first kiss yet and he really wants to kiss he says and he knows its fine with me because I really like him but he's nervous. I want to kiss him but I'm nervous and the only time I see him is during school and we talk after school and everything but we've hugged and that's all. What should i do should I wait for him to kiss me or try to kiss him or what? I want to have a more intimate relationship with him and he does too but I'm nervous and don't know what to do.


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  • Well I'd suggest finding time for you both maybe at a park or just somewhere private if your both ready then you should let instinct take over. It's perfectly natural to be nervous but remember he feels the same way so you both can relax and just let it happen naturally and if you feel like going in for it then go ahead there's nothing wrong with it.


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