How Often Should Someone Text at the Beginning?

Two dates over past two weeks with plans for the third next Wednesday. Dates great, but no sex yet. Heavy making out though.

We are not big texters/callers to start with, once or twice only these past few weeks initiated by him. I sent a text about 730 on Wed. It took a few hours and he did respond briefly. It was midnight so I figured he went to sleep. He hit me up noon on Thursday with a response to the last message from the night before. Two total exchanges yesterday and that was it. I doubt I will hear this weekend as he is out of town.

If there is no level of interest (he changed his mind) would he have answered at all? We don't chat via text normally at all, and he knows I dislike the phone. He works, gym, etc so yeah, he is busy.

What is normal for you guys? Can he be interested with no between date contacts?
How Often Should Someone Text at the Beginning?
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