What does it mean if a guy keeps disappearing then coming bck to me?

A guy i was talking to keeps would go days without contacting me or trying to see me i know he's not busy because he's always on social media saying thing like bored hmu but doesn't contact me i told him it bothered me and he claimed he's gonna try to see me more then went mia again im not the type to constantly call & text begging for an explanation, he hmu last night and honestly i dont know if i should just ignore him or agree to see him


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  • Sorry to say this, but you're set up to be his booty call. I would recommend testing the waters with someone else, but don't make it public. When he asks why you're cold, simply say I met someone who seems to want to commit. If he backs off, you know where he stands, if he gets obviously jealous or defensive. You have till the next text message to choose which one because you can't have both. #Mfgconsulting. org


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