Does this guy like me or is he just in it for a hook-up?

Sorry if it's long. Okay so 3 weeks ago I got paired up with this guy for a group project in class. I went to his apartment to do the project & we really hit it off. The next day he invited me over and we continued to hang out almost every other day from then on. When we hang out we mostly just chill and watch movies (we have only kissed and he doesn't try anything further) & I've met his friends, he's met mine as well. He's taken me to a party before & he was hugging on me the whole time even when a lot of other people wanted his attention.
Okay so the things bothering me:
•he doesn't text me much, just sometimes to see what's up but mostly just to make plans or if he needs to ask something important
•he's never really taken me on a date. We just hang at his apartment alone or with his friends
•when my two best friends are hanging with all of us he pays a lot of attention to them & picks on them (I feel like in a flirty way but maybe I'm just being a little jealous)
But since it's only been 3 weeks I don't want to scare him by the "what are we?" talk. I just want some opinions on what you think his intentions are, if there are any. Also, when the proper time would be to ask him what his intentions are? And what to say?

Thank you so much!


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  • I think any time at this point is OK to have the "what are we" talk. If you two are hanging out a lot and have already been making it then you both should be clear on what the intentions are. It doesn't have to be a "what are your intentions" talk, but having clarity on what the current status is wouldn't do either one of you harm. I think it would do more good than bad. Clarity is a good thing. Just my two cents.


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