If you were sorta dating someone but weren't official would you tell them if you met someone else or just keep making excuses for why?

you couldnt see them?

just kinda happened to me

  • tell them you found someone else
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  • make up excuses for not seeing them
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  • I would tell them that would be the right thing to do and wouldn't have as hurt of feelings if you were to keep making excuses, for the mia...


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  • Be honest. Dragging out a relationship with someone you have no interest with is not only unfair for the girl but also for you. She will continue to believe that you love her and you will just suffer through the guilt of liking someone else. Even if you're afraid of her getting upset, you still have to be honest with her, no matter what her reaction is. Hope this helps.

  • Its cruel to not tell them.. the girl might actually think you like her.. if you tell her you met someone else then at least she knows not to hope for to much!

    • Thanks but it was the girl that did this to me!! She never really said why just ignored me for awhile, the finally asked me to stop contacting her. I feel the same as you by the way

  • I would tell the person no one likes to lead on. Put yourself in their shoes would u like to know. The truth hurts bt its better than u being with the person u like and seeing the other person who thinks u like them bc that could go bad in so many ways lol awkward lol


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