He seemed uninterested, I acted uninterested, he started to ignore me and so did I? Only problem is I like him?

This guy was playing hot and cold on me... he was so interested at first and then gradually it was just so awkward and quiet between the two of us. I used to give him a lot of attention and kinda stopped saying hi to him/ pretended i didn't see him.

He did the same to me and it just went on and on and on and now we haven't talked in 8 months. The only problem is I like him. And he stares at me but then avoid me when I am near him.

What do i do? is he still playing games? is it worth it



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  • I think you both (whether intentionally or not) were playing games. The issue with cat and mouse, is the cat can sometimes get confused about who is really the mouse. The best thing for you to do is to just approach him casually and tell him you miss talking to him. If he agrees, don't play hard to get. Be straight forward, honest, and kind to him, and he should come around. Should he choose to ignore you, it's safe to say the ship has sailed.

    • Whenever I am near him he avoids looking at me. Even if I am standing right next to him so it's really really hard. But he stares at me from a far and sometimes we will hold the eye contact for what seems to be forever. I can't really explain it. So much time has passed it's really awkward.

    • Just walk up to him like it isn't a big deal; if you make it a big deal in your head, it's only going to be harder. If this guy is worth it, then you need to get out of your comfort zone.

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  • honestly this mentality of 'you did it to me, now ill do it to you' reminds me a lot of preschool. i mean, at the end of the day, whats the point? maybe he was just shy, you prob took it wrong and started to ignore him and made him think that you are not interested. who knows? if he didn't talk much, but if you actually like him, just be the bigger person and you go talk to him! you'll know where both are standing and you will not still be wondering 8 months later. think about it, if you asked 8 months ago, you guys would either be dating now, or you would have moved onto newer and better. work up the courage and just talk to him. nobody likes these games anyway. good luck:)

    • Yeah it was pretty immature I agree but I guess I was feeling rejected and didn't handle it well. And trust me he's not really a shy guy he has so many girls talking to him and he talks to so many girls.

    • you won't be shure untill you talk to him. and although him talking to lots of girls and beeing around lots of girls, might say that he's not shy, but sometimes that is definetly not true. for example, some guys might be just shy with the girls they actually like... so who knows. but yeah, just let it out and you'll be shure

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  • I'm having the same problem lol. I have a classmate who does the same to me. Even if I'm standing right next to me, he would talk to everyone but me lol.

    Best thing to do, be friendly. Be the first one to reach out. I have done the same now we are acting as if we've been friends for ages.

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