Did I react right in the scenario?

my ex girlfriend who i can't stand comes up to me with this guy i know (im just txting on my phone) she tries to mock me and goes ha in going with X now and starts trying to laugh at me so i go on to pictures on my phone show her a picture of my naked kirlfriend ( 16 year old model) and then a picture of me kissing her then i just walk away... what should i have done


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  • All I can say is...*high five*.


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  • You trolled her hard back.

    • ino llol but I don't know how i feel aboout it like she took our break up competitively and i just stopped talking to her then that happened so i don't know

    • I will admit, maybe not the most mature thing to do, but I understand why you did it. Next time (assuming there is a next time) just ask her why she's even talking to you, and if she's so desperate for your approval/jealousy that she can't live her own life happily without it.

    • k thanks lol

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