What is going on in his head? He looks intently into my eyes and smiles, but then tells me this other girl has a cute butt?

We have assigned seating and so he sat next to me today. While the teacher was giving a lecture, he was looking at me. After a while I noticed he wasn't looking away, so I turn my head and look towards him, too. We both look into each other eyes for a while and we are both smiling while looking at each other. Then I ask him "what?". Well after like ten or thirty minutes (idk at school one can never keep time, haha) he was telling me about this girl in the same class and how she had a nice butt. The thing is this girl is his friend, so I don't know what's going on? Like we intently look at each other in the eyes and smile, but then he later says that his friend's butt is nice? Guys, please help me out...


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  • Maybe he's nice, maybe he is a perv, maybe he is a player. Some people come off as if they're flirting with you and in reality sometimes they're not trying too. I like to look at people's eyes but I don't do that often. Just be careful, I don't want anyone getting used by a handsome face.


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