It's been two weeks since I last saw him and haven't heard from him. Is it really over?

We used to work together & from the beginning I was attracted to him. He was always complimenting me & showing up at my desk. A few months in we had to work on a project together & we came to realize we had a lot in common. I was really starting to like him & hoped that he would ask me out. It didn't happen & his last day came & went.
We connected via FB, LinkedIn & email afterward but my co-workers said they thought he had a g/f but weren't sure after the way he acted with me.
I was offered a position with a new company & they needed people. One of my co-workers said I should reach out to him because he was still looking. So, I did & then he asked if I'd like to go out to eat with him one day. I said yes but was hesitant.
We meet up & it was pretty awkward, but it was due to nervousness from both of us. There was still something there I could tell. Then he told me he was embarrassed because he didn't have enough money to pay for both of us & asked if that was ok. I said no problem. We walked out, he gave me a really tight hug, & then he asked if he could drive me home. I live right down the street from the place so I told him not to worry about it. He apologized again for the paying issue & said he would make it up to me.
I waited a few days & then asked if he'd like to join me doing this volunteering thing. He said he would & then I didn't hear from him for a few days. I thought it was strange. Finally the night before the event he apologized & said he still wanted to go if I did. We met there & he grabbed me squeezed me tight almost lifting me off the ground. While there we had a good time. Later we went to go eat & it was really nice! But then all of the sudden he said he had to go & rushed out. He walked me to my apartment, pulled me to him & did the same tight hug but there was a lot more need there from both of us. We joked via text later. Then I told him I liked him & would like to see him again. That was over a week ago. Is that where it ends?

I should add that during those two times that we saw each other, I held back in showing complete interest because in the back of my mind I had this thing about the girlfriend rumor. I also paid for myself both times that we ate out. Second time I did it out of courtesy to him since he's struggling to find stable work. I think he was bothered by that. My friends are surprised he hasn't gotten back to me yet b/c they all thought for sure he was really into me.


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  • If I was you I wouldn't give up trying to reach to him it sounds like he enjoys your company it also seems like he wants a relationship but maybe it feels complicated to him why I don't know but yeah is it over I don't think so.


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