How to ask someone on a date?

How to ask your crush on a date? How to not make it awkward? I hate awkward dates... I hate awkward asking... Lol help.


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  • Let the partner know you are interested in him/her and you would like to no more about the person also ask if he/she would like to go out on a date. It's awkward of it gets quiet just keep talking with the person.

    • I'm pretty sure he should at least know I'm at least interested based on how much flirting I do. I hate beating around the bush but I'm pretty shy I don't know what to do? Be like "Hey I fancy you would you go on a date with me?" or what? I've never do this before...

    • Let him know how you feel about him and you feel like going out with him you can say "I find you very attractive and I was wondering if we can go out sometime" that's something I would say. If your really shy talk to him first ask him random question to know him better and then ask him the important question

    • thanks a lot! I'll try that. We don't usually talk though I just poke him and he pokes me back and we run around laughing.. very immature I know... But yah I want something more serious I gotta start talking to him like normal people do.

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