What does a woman's private parts taste and smell like?

I know it might be a bit of a graphic question but I'm really curious lol


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  • Tangy. That's the most memorable thing for me. It really is kind of acidic, too. If you have a cut on your finger or something, it burns. >_> Though, this may depend on her diet. If she takes in a lot of sodium, it might taste different. But, my exes always ate a lot of fruit. This is what my ex explained to me, anyway, and it really was tangy. It kinda feels like the inside of your cheek, inside the lips.

    It's really a distinct smell, hard to describe. Not unlike fish or guy parts. in my opinion, guy parts smell about the same. To put it simply, all the girls I've had have smelled good.


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  • All have an odor and most aren't unpleasant at all. Theyre all a little different. I've been with a couple that had a very strong odor that you could smell the moment they took their pants off. Those actually stunk. The vast majority is only noticeable when your nose is close to it and is very erotic. I'd wear it as cologne if I could bottle it. The taste is unique. Kind of salty and very mild flavored. If you really want to know go smell and taste one


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  • Why don't you look down and see?

    • Well I'm wondering what guys think...

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