What's your biggest turn off, physically or otherwise, and would you date someone with it if you were lonely enough?

Anonymity encouraged for more blunt, honest truth. There's a 'don't allow anonymous users' option, but not 'only allow'. :\

For guys, in particular, I'm asking physically.


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  • My turn off physically is short and skinny guys. I'm short and curvy so I can't imagine being with someone who looks smaller than me. I would date such a guy if he's extremely funny and loving.

    • Thank you for posting anonymously, unlike everyone else.

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  • A guy who smokes or does drugs, both things would be deal killers. If he drinks I could get over it if he was just the right guy.
    Guys who don't have good hygiene or are jerks are a no go.
    Physically, I wouldn't date someone who is obese.

    • Thank you for being (mostly?) honest. I wish more people would have posted anonymously, but there it is.

    • Why do you think I'm only being mostly honest?
      I never post anonymously. Anything I can say that way I can say here.

    • I just think people are more honest, in general, when they don't have some semblance of an identity to maintain, including online personalities. It's nothing about you--it's just how I view it. At the very least, I think people are more *blunt* with their truth, when they post anonymously: which is what I was looking for. Still, I appreciate your answer. Thanks.

  • Like disproportionate features. Things drastically visibly uneven kind of bother me, like if one eye were slightly bigger than the other. It's the oddest quirk but it really bothers me when I notice. No I wouldn't date that someone.

  • any one with lips like this : itsjustnaj.files.wordpress.com/.../...02-31773.jpg is a def turn off. i have no idea why.

  • if he is shorter than me it is a turn off , cause i am already short. and indian men, and a big butt or belly on a guy, sorry again for everybody , but thats my opinion

    • Thank you for answering anonymously and being honest. And for your answer. I appreciate it. ^_^

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  • No anon needed.
    No one knows me here.

    And physically, my biggest turn off is fat.
    I've found that my taste in facial features differs from a lot of people anyway, so I'm not super harsh on facial features.
    But I can't do fat. I've tried.
    A plus-sized girl can be visually nice to look it on an aesthetic level, but the desire to touch her just isn't there.

  • In generally if she doesn't look very healthy it turns me off

  • My biggest turn-off physically would have to be a girl who smokes cigarettes. I'd only make an exception if the girl was trying to quit.

    • I think you would have had a different answer if you posted anonymously. Thanks for not bowing down to encouragement. Jerk.

    • I think you would have a different attitude if you weren't hiding behind a computer. Thanks for needlessly insulting me. Asshole.

  • I would never date someone just because I was lonely.
    To date someone that you likely could not have a long term relationship with. Because of dislikes. To do that is leading her on. Which is not fair to her.