How can I start a friendship with her?

There's this girl at my school who's REALLY cute and I want to get know her better. She's a grade below me so we're not in any of the same classes. I've only had one legit conversation with her after school, but now we're both involved in sports so I rarely get the chance to talk to her again after school. She's always with her group of two other girls and a guy. The guy is dating one of her friends in the group and I'm friends with him, but I don't trust him enough to talk to him about her. Whenever the opportunity to talk to her alone presents itself I'll take advantage of it, but what should I say first? What should we talk about? I don't really know a lot about her.


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  • Try to get closer with the guy that hangs out with them. Start talking to him more and hanging with him. This might help you all to hangout and get the chance to talk to her.

    Also if you see her in the halls or at her locker just be like "hey haven't seen you in ages" and "yeah so many after school sports I just haven't seen you around.. We should catch up".

    Hope I helped


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  • Take the opportunity to learn about each other. Hopeshe likes yew! :****


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