Heartbroken right now. Could use some help. Thanks.

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was showing up more between classes. I got up the nerve to talk to a girl for the first time. She accepted. We went out on dates. I was proving everyone wrong.

No one thought I could get her. We went out over summer. Kissed. I was so happy. We held hands. This year we were still going out. Homecoming dance and prom are in the future. I was looking forward.

She broke up with me last thursday. It was her birthday, and I got her a gift and we were planning to go out this weekend. For her. I cared about her. I had never felt this way about a girl before.

She broke up with me, and the worst part is she is going out with another guy. A jerk on the football team. She cried a little when she broke up with me.


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  • Wow.

    i feel more sorry for the girl for doing that. =\

    dont worry , if the guy she's going out with is a jerk on the football team, then she will definitely see what she's missing out on by breaking up with you.

    i think she's going out with him now because of maybe looks or popularity.. I don't know ; but don't lose faith in yourself . the perfect chick is bound to come your way ; ) things happen for a reason and always for the best .so enjoy them while they last and move onn.


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  • Awww. -Hugs-

    I know it kills you to know how fast you've been replaced.

    Maybe she would call you up & say it was a mistake...

    She knows what she doing..But she doesn't know what she's losing.

    I hope in the passing months you find some happiness.

    Heartbreaks happen. You learn to let go and move on.

  • If the guy is a jerk like you say he is and you treated her right, she'll come to realize that you were a much better guy for her. You should focus on your life and what you want and don't worry she'll come around eventually.


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  • I feel for you bud, I know it sucks. "Everyone gets 'the bruise'" as TS once said.

    I sorta had the same experience. Met a BEAUTIFUL girl one spring, we hit it off amazing and really clicked. We weren't in a full-fledged relationship but we were "exclusive." Summer rolls around and she stops returning my phone calls and I don't hear from her again. Turns out she's with another dude.

    What you should do is get out of the house and don't dwell on the depressing thoughts. Surround yourself with family and friends, especially the ones that make you happy. :) From there time takes its course. Flirt with some different girls when you're ready.

    You WILL meet someone else. And that someone will spend their whole life together w/you rather than just a summer.

    So no more computer, get out and meet your friends!

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