Is my ex playing games with me or does he really want silence?

My ex broke up with me 4 weeks ago now and said that he wasn't sure whether he wanted a relationship with me (aka. he didn't feel the same about me) I agreed to the breakup and accepted it.

Two weeks after our break up, he has stopped using whatsapp completely which is strange. I know he hasn't blocked me, but is this sort some of way of him wanting to make me contact him or get worried? I know maybe I'm overthinking, but he's got a lot of pride and wasn't even sure whether when he broke up with me what he wanted.

I haven't attempted to contact him at all and I saw during the second week, that he was trying to get my attention. He even told a mutual friend, that I would be begging him back and that I wouldn't be able to live my life without him (which is not true at all of course)


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  • Forget him and move on
    he is acting like an ass and would probably hurt you super bad if you tried contacting him again


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  • You obsessing over his actions and what he really wants seems like you can't live without him. Ignore him and move on with your life.