First date.....ever!!! Help

Ok so me and this girl will basically be spending the whole day tomorrow. I really care for her. I'm going to meet her at church, and after church, we're going to get something to eat, and then go bowling. Lol she's driving me, I only have a permit. Then we're going back to church for 2 more hours to go to youth.

I'm just wondering if you all had some good first date advice.



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  • That sounds like a really cute date. :)

    Stay calm. Act normal. Offer to pay for lunch. Don't try to initiate a kiss on your first date, unless it goes really, really well.

    • How do you know exactly how the date goes really really well. lol

    • If she makes it obvious that she's having a good time.

    • Oh, it's kind of really hard to tell. I guess you'll know it if it happens, but I'd recommend just waiting for her to initiate it at first, unless she strikes you as the sort of girl that wouldn't initiate it. I don't know. I'm not a guy, so I don't really have very much experience dating girls. When I go on a date, I tend to focus more on the other person than myself, so I don't know how I react or what I do or whatever. Sorry.

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  • This is so cute! Number 1 rule is have fun. Don't sweat it too much and just let things flow. Dates usually go bad because people overthink and stop having fun. Compliment her on how pretty she looks. You never go wrong with that. Open doors. That's a good one too. Fresh breath is a must.

    • Um she just canceled on me, she wants me to come hang out with her at her house after church! now I'm freaking out!!!!

    • At her house?! Bring over DVDs that you think she may want to watch. Maybe she wants some "alone time" with you lol

    • Uh maybe, but her family will be there (look at my age lol)

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  • Put it in her.

    If you yell surprise its not rape, its surprise sex!

    • Thats probably the worst advice I've ever're a freak.

    • And you took it seriously?

      lol@ literal larry.

    • You're cool.....i promise