Date with my ex as a second chance. What will make him want to start a new relationship with me?

My ex boyfriend (he dumped me) said we could go on a date to see if a new relationship would be something he's interested in. What kind of things do guys enjoy on dates and what may make him prefer dating me over being friends?


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  • You need to out extra effort into your appearance for this date like go all out. Wear something sexy and not too revealing make sure you have on perfume and if you aren't opposed to heels wear them. Remind him of what he's missing out on physically.

    Be confident and do not act needy at all. Act as if you're fine without him and don't bring up getting back together let him do that. Just go and have fun, smile, laugh do not bring up anything negative at all.

    Everytime I've went out with an ex I've ramped up the sex appeal (not slutty) and walk around with confidence and other guys in the room would stare at me and the ex would realize wow what an idiot I am for letting her go.

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