Kissing on the cheek?

is kissing on the cheek gay for a 20yr old? I mean once you have an established relationship I do it but, I'm hanging out w a girl tonight and were gonna watch a movie at my house... we hooked up once while we were drunk and weve hung out a few times, so basically if I during the movie am just messing around with her and give her a kiss on the cheek is that good? or just go right for the lips


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  • Kissing on the cheek is not gay. Kissing on the cheek means one thing nowadays. It means "I adore you." Weather its a good chick friend that you are really close to or your signifigant other, or someone that you really have feelings for. It means I care about you and I adore you. You can do either or. But you shouldnt really plan it. Just let it happen.


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  • A guy kissing a girl is never gay. Do you know what gay means? :\

    Kissing on the cheek is fine if you're just being playful.

    • Gay as in dumb not homosexual..

    • Gay shouldn't be used as a synonym for stupid, it just makes you sound stupid.

    • Ok well I don't tihnk ur my f***ing english teacher so why don't you take ur over reacting emotional bitch self somewhere else and either answer the question or don't even post anything thanks ;)

  • Kissing on the cheek is a nice prelude to a kiss on the lips, or it can be a nice mark of affection all by itself. Although it can be just a friendly thing too- my guy friends will kiss my cheek when they're feeling affectionate.


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