Is this relationship doomed/ does she actually like him?

So this girl I know split up from a guy who's much older than her. They were more, of a friends with benefits thing. Anyway this happened just before I met her, and all of a sudden she was seeing a guy who she's known for school. When I asked her about him, she responded something like 'he likes me, more than I like him, but my parents like him' ok I accepted that but thought then maybe she's only with him because she has to be with someone? At this point he was not her bf according to her. Anyway a couples of months down the line, she still sees him, and now talks about him completely diferent. She says he's lovely, has nice eyes and a nice face, and says she really likes him and again that her parents really like him.
My question is, do think this can last, do think she's just grown to like him over the time?


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  • Of course she has that's how relationships work you have an initial attraction and it either grows with time or it dissipates. If its a good healthy relationship it'll grow if its a clusterfuck it won't and she would of lost interest and moved on.