Why did he give up so easily?

My boyfriend goes to another school but he gets to see me after my class ends. However, I don't have much time to spend with him because after school is the only time we get to actually hang out. Other than that, we have to sneak around. I have another close friend in school and he is my boyfriend's best friend. I hang out with him throughout school and apparently there have been rumors that him and I have been "hooking up" behind my boyfriend's back. I would NEVER do that, and neither would my bf's best friend. But my boyfriend doesn't trust me and is "unsure." Before we were officially bf/gf, I didn't trust HIM. That's why it took me a while to say yes to him. Now I feel like it's the other way around but I have nothing to keep from him. He told me that he can't handle not seeing me and the rumors are getting to him. If he has so much feelings for me, why would he just give up?

There isn't another girl.
Well we talked and he thinks that it's best for right now to stay just friends. I STILL don't see his logic..


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  • Then his feelings might not be as strong as he says they are. He might have his eyes on another girl. I'm not saying that's true, but he might me trying to put his guilt of on you. You just need to sit him down and have a heart to heart. hope everything goes well

    • I've suspected that there's another girl in the picture, but I don't know how to find out. He'll deny it and I don't know anyone in his school. The problem about talking to him in person is that I'll break down in tears and I'll forget what to say.

    • Don't break down. You ARE stronger than that. Don't let him affect you like that. Just do it. If he makes you cry kick him in the nuts. jk jk. Unless you feel like it.

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  • The solution? Stop hanging out and sucking his best friends' dick.

    • How the f*** do you know if she's sucking his best friends dick. I don't think she is.

    • That would be a great place for the little lady to start, stay off your knees and keep all meat that's not your boyfriend's (or ex, I guess) out of your mouth. My educated guess he's found someone else.

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  • Well then that changes things completely. I don't know. Maybe he really does doubt you. You CAN be strong. Just talk to him and see what's up and happening in yalls relationship. Hope all goes well

  • me either

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