I think she may be getting cold feet?

I asked a girl out and we planned a day to go have dinner, that day would be tomorrow and I haven't heard from her since yesterday morning. ( I made the mistake of texting her a few times and now I may seem desperate) please help!!


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  • Dude i've had the exact same thing...

    Met a girl online, went for a few dates and all good! 3rd date comes round and first thing in the morning she makes the excuse... "My sister has visited so i can't come". Fair enough right but if you've made plans fucking stick to them!!!
    So i never text her back and she never text me back...

    Anyways... I guess she hasn't text you back right? Leave it until tomorrow, ring her in the morning rather than text.
    I made the mistake of texting too much, girls text when they want to, so do some guys! She may be busy or might have forgotten that you text?

    See how it goes tomorrow, if she doesn't bother replying and you don't meet up then she isn't worth it mate :/ Been there, done that and chased it... lead to nothing :(

    Good luck man, I really hope all goes to plan as I know how your feeling right now!!

    • Thanks man, here's hoping she doesn't bail on me!

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    • She ended up having a BF and canceling the date last minute and told me she just wanted to be friends. Didn't see that one coming!!

    • oh shit i'm sorry to hear that man :(
      On the plus side... you are better off without her since she never told you she had a boyfriend in the first place!!

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  • It's Okay. Just wait until the date then you'll know if she's interested or not.

    • She ended up having a BF and bailed on the date last minute and said she just wanted to befriends

    • What a bitch ! She could have told you instead of being so inconsiderate. Don't worry, you'll meet better girls. Don't befriend her, if she can't be honest with you about her bf and stuff how can you expect her to be a good friend.

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  • Are you friends with her on any social media?

    • I am, why

    • You guys stop it. stop texting and calling. It seems she wants to play the game. So either play along, quit, or win. That simple.