Should I still say yes?

A cute guy at work asked me out . He's nice, mature, and pretty cute so I said sure . He gave me his number and told me to call him later that week but when I did he said something had happened and he's really sorry but we couldn't go out .

He finally told me later that he really liked me and that when he asked me out his girlfriend had broken up w/him but later she wanted to get back together and he still hadn't (and hasn't ) made up his mind about what to do .

Again he said he really likes me and said "I'll keep you posted and maybe this will work out after all . "

So what I want to know is, if he does ask me out again should I say Yes ?


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  • I would call him up, and tell him that you've changed your mind, and that you're not interested in a relationship right now . I will never date anyone that just gets out of a relationship . But the fact that he's deciding about taking back his ex ? Do you know what that makes you ? PLAN B ! You are a back up plan . Is that really all you see yourself as ? Let him know that you appreciate it, but you've changed your mind . Chances are, he will try and convince you to give him a chance, and you probably will, because that's how girls are . But when you look in the mirror, wouldn't you rather see yourself as something better then a backup plan ?

    • So that's a no ? Gottcha . I was already pretty sure that's what I would say . Thanks for your answer ! :)

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    • I disagree with your post, I think you are being way too hard on the guy . If he isn't sure what he wants yet and is still kinda in a relationship, he made the right decision by not going out on the date . If things don't work out with that girl, I don't think it would be wrong for the question asker and him to go out on a date . Seems like if anything he made the respectful decision .

    • Well if he just got out of a relationship, and contemplating getting back with the girl, then it's NOT a good idea to date him . Common sense . Why would you date someone who still has feelings for another person . Now if he doesn't go back to his ex, and a month later, she still feels for him, then yes, maybe she should . But why go out with someone who's still obviously infatuated with his ex, and is just using you as a rebound ?

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  • No you shouldn't. You need a guy that doesn't tell you that you are only good enough for him if his first choice isn't available.

    I'd say you'd be making a mistake if you went out with him.

  • If you're looking for love(serious) relationship, I would wait to see how he handles the situation . If he goes back to the ex or asks other girl s out than he's only playing you on the rebound .

    If you looking for only fun- than who cares go for it-just don't let yourself think you have feelings of any sort for him . This way if/when he goes back to the ex, you won't be hurt .

  • Well his girlfriend broke up with him so he is kinda in a hard spot . He is prob thinking about if he should take her back or not . Or he could even be thinking about, if she left him once she might do it again and then he is prob thinking about you and thinking I like this girl a lot and she never done anything to me so maybe I should go out with her instead . Either way he is prob confused on what to to and it can be a tough thing . How long did they go out for ? And what was the reason she left him ?

    • I really don't know any of the details but he did say one of the reasons he wasn't sure about getting back with her is because she did something kind of bad to him .

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    • Good point . Thanks again, Anony !

    • No prob good luck and be careful

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  • If I were you I would say no because he seems like he still has feelings for his old girlfriend even though he says he likes you . He can't make up his mind so try moving on . If he finally decides to make you a option instead of an opinion then say yes

    • Thanks ! I guess there's no doubt about it lol !

    • I think answerful-aly has some good advice I would say the same thing.

      Simply because he is very sensitive now and this guy will probably not make the right decisions since he is heart broken.

  • I would say, "NO".

    He is caught up with his lady and needs to deal with that first. Besides never date a person you work with, that could get ugly. Don't do it.