Does this guy think I'm a total bitch?

He's in a frat and has been flirting with me all semester like staring at me in class, accidentally bumping into me, etc. But we hardly talk and I got sick of it so I found a way to casually give him my number over Facebook. Word around the street is that he's a flirt but he seemed different to me because he doesn't go out a lot and is really smart. did I blow it or did I do the right thing? because we all know what "come over and watch a movie" really means, and I'm not like that...

Him: Hey it's _____
Me: Hey ____ what's up?
Him: Nothing much what are you doing tonight?
Me: Nothing really just hanging out. What are you up to?
Him: Same haha we should hangout or something
Me: Yeah that sounds fun anything in mind?
Him: I was just gonna chill and watch a movie you can come over if you want
*double texts me because I took a few extra minutes to respond trying to decide if I should or not*
Me: Hey sorry what movie?
Him: Haven't picked yet
Any suggestions
Me: Ehh I don't really feel like watching a movie
Him: Alright never mind then
Me: Okay! I guess I'll see you in class!

Then today I felt bad because maybe I was the bitch and he genuinely did want to hangout...

Me: Hey sorry I was kind of in a bad mood last night would you want to maybe get coffee tonight or something?
Him: Hahah it's all good
I'm kinda busy tonight maybe another time tho!
Me: Okay yeah just let me know

sooooooo is he a douche bag frat guy or was I a bitch and he doesn't like me anymore? I'm just not that type of girl, I'm in a sorority so I may give off the putting out impression but I'm a virgin... if I like a guy and want to get to know him I want to go do something, not "come over and watch a movie" and I didn't want to show up, deny him for anything more thank making out and then he never talks to me again and I wonder "why"...

Also, the reason I said what I said was because my roomate told me he just wanted to hookup and she told me what to say... probs shouldn't have listened to her. I just don't want to have missed my chance with him after I've had the biggest crush on him


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  • He was trying to fuck but it didn't work out with you so he just banged a different girl night. He'll try again with you later.

    • yaahh that's what I thought, why I followed my roommates advice and was not into it... but then some people told me he just wanted to hang out and I shot him down so I didn't want to be mean or act like I was rejecting him because I do like him, want to get to know him, but not like that. lol

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    • Yeah he knows I'm in a sorority, and I'm in one with a "reputation" if ya know what I mean. Other girls have told me he's a douche bag and not to waste my time so that's what I'm gonna do.

    • Lol I know what you mean. I was into a girl who was in a sorority like that but she wasn't like that. The rep kinda rubbed off on her though so I stopped talking to her.

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  • hon.. sorry to say this but yeah u were a little bitchy.. well the reason why the next time u asked him for coffee and he turned u down might be coz really he had some thing to do that he was really busy.. so try texting him agin and he will go out with u for sure

  • How about you text him and ask if he wants to go do ____? Walking through a park, going to dinner, coffee, or a movie theater.
    That is if you do like him, and the whole texting thing will blow over in a few days. Just go talk to him.

    • I did, I asked him if he wanted to get coffee today! I do like him but I think he has ulterior motives and coffee isn't what he wants to do lol as he was "kinda busy maybe another time though"

    • Does he have a past with hooking up with girls then leaving them or something similar?

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  • sounds kinda like you're overreacting a bit. yeah, kind of strange that you asked "what movie" before saying "i don't really feel like watching a movie", but the fact that you came back later should give him a positive impression. the downside through messaging/texting is that you don't know the tone of a person's voice to realize their real intentions.

    • I probably am overacting I just don't have much experience with guys and I'm over analyzing everything. I guess I just don't want to have screwed it up!

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