Ladies if you still love your ex bf would you still date around?

Okay me and my ex gf were together for 4 years. I'm her first love first everything. When we broke up she started dating and having sex with other guys and this hurt me when she told me cause she only did it with me this whole time.

She broke nc after 7 weeks and contacted me saying she missed everything we had and still loved me. I was always there for her and gave her my everything.

We've been taking it slow again and talking daily and she said she sees us getting married in the future but not now. I've been so loyal to her and turned down some dates cause I wanted to work it out with her.

She knows this but she continues to keep seeing this guy she's been dating and it bugged me she said she would come over this week but not one day. Instead of coming over last night she slept over the guy's place & had sex with him.

I don't know why she said all this but yes she said she can't commit right now and wants to explore and enjoy her youth cause she's only 22 years old.

I'm taking her out tonight and she told me we're not having sex so that kind of put me in a bad mood knowing she had sex yesterday also with her date. She told me she loves the attention and these guys make her feel wanted but she leaves out those parts that say she sees me in the future but not now.

Why is she doing this? I'm trying to give her my everything but she's sleeping around with this guy & I'm afraid she's developing feelings for him since she goes out of her way to drive all the way to him.


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  • Yes I'm dating other guys


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  • Dude! Get out of this mess. She has moved on and she's sleeping with other guys that's like a huge red flag that you should not be contacting her. She's confused and doesn't respect you. Just move on and start seeing other people.

    • From your opinion, do you know why she would say she needs to get this out of her system now but she wants to be with me in the future & get married?

      I stopped initiating contact with Her & she would still text me daily

  • life doesn't stop on anyone


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