What does "in love" feel like? how can u be in a long relationship?

Im a teen girl/straight
Never been been in love
Haven't experience long relationships like 1 or more years
I want to know
In college


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  • I used to be kind of cold and never dated anyone for more than 3 months but then I met my currect girlfriend and now I'm the biggest romantic lol. It's amazing! It's like having a best friend but the feeling is 10x stronger and there's physical affection. You want to spend the rest of you life making them happy and being happy with them. You're almost always happy and even when you're not, you know everything's gonna be ok because you have them. You want to let everyone know you have them in your life and that you're the luckiest person ever, etc. It's amazing.


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  • It's amazing feeling. it's like you'd do anything for that someone. and like you've never felt before. :) just wait till the right guy comes along and you'll really be truly happy

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