How do you start talking to a guy?

Teen girl
In college
Im stuck

  • A. from a friend
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  • B. On campus/college
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  • C. In my class
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  • You need to have a little more confidence to start conversation with a random person on campus. I have always hated meeting people through friends, for multiple reasons. Plus I don't know about you but when I stated at uni I was in a new state and didn't know a single person so that one was off the table anyway.

    I would suggest sitting down next to someone who seems cool (in class). That way you already know enough about them (even if it's simply that they're in the same class and both enjoy the subject) to have easy talking points, and it wouldn't be too awkward. It's sort of like going to a movie on a first date, the movie is playing so there's no need to force conversation but at the same time you can make little comments in the boring parts.


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  • best place is school, in your class.
    you just ask them for school stuff and help bla bla and you are home free

  • Start by saying hi or hello then basically it's based on where the conversation goes.


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