What's a good height for a girl?

I've always have been selfconcious about my height and just recently I was on Facebook and there was a post when a guy said that girls over 5'4, and I quote, are "gross" and "very unattractive" .

And I'm 5'6 so, that made me feel really tall and unattractive.


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  • Any height is fine, everyone is different in this world so ignore the dickhead and just be happy with who you are :)

    I'm 5'1 so you can imagine what things are like for me! I used to get bullied at school because of it but i never let it get to me.

    You shouldn't let one persons stupid comment get to you :)

    Before the guys comment did you think you was tall or short?

    • Thank you and I thought I was average

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    • And thankyou for making my comment the MHO :D x

    • Anytime and thanks for the advice

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  • all height is definitely fine. i like all sizes, the only ones i might sometimes have a problem with are the really tall ones, and its not because i dont like them, they just make me feel very insecure around them, when i dont know them. and your height couldnt be more normal

  • Any height is fine by me. Even if you are taller.

  • 5 7/8 is what i like any smaller than 5,5 i think i could breakem lol


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