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I've been single now for eight years, I haven't had my first kiss and don't really fit in well. I also have a severe peanut allergy which has caused me to have trust issues with people because just the smallest amount can kill me. I'm not trying to sound conceited but I've been told I'm attractive, and I'm a nice funny guy that's kinda on the shy side. The one girl that im friends with has a boyfriend and is the only girl I've ever come close to kissing I really do love her but in the end were just friends. I've never really felt like I fit in. I'm fine with being single but I can't help wanting to be in a relationship. I don't know sometimes I think it would be just easier to give up.

Anybody else been in this situation or something similar?


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  • Do you have a epi pen or something to make you feel more safe? such severe allergy can have a effect on social life, so go get some advice on that by a doctor.
    I'm in the same single boat. Had tried to be in more then friend-zone relationships but I suppose the boat didn't move :)
    Maybe just try out more sociable places and just enjoy the freedom of not being in a relationship yet.

    • Ya i have an epi pen I have to carry at all times, even though the doc said it might not work because of how severe my allergy is. The single boat is loads of fun huh? Haha. Usually people don't even now what an epic pen is! Thanks for your input! :)

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