How can I be myself around my boyfriend?

ok so im a freshmen in high school and im dating a sophomore. He started hanging out with me and my 2 other friends since the beginning of the year so I USED to be comfortable with him. But I started to like him and then he told me he likes me and he asked me out and I said yes... but now im really shy. I don't want him thinking I don't care because I really do care... I just need some ways to figure out how to be comfortable when me and him are alone.. also how to be myself around him. I really really like him I don't want to loose this one.


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  • Just remember, he's falling for you, not this shy version your changing into. Whats causing the shyness, his friends or are you so afraid or losing him, you'd rather be the cause yourself.

    • I don't want to mess up, I don't want him thinking im stupid or embarrassing

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    • Then you shouldn't be with him, being yourself is the key to being happy, and trust me happy is way more attractive than shy and perfect. You'll look like a goodie goodie, relax, be yourself, and if you get anxious tell youself to "tuck it in"

    • thanks for the help.. it really helps

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