Are his excuses reasonable or do you think he's just trying to string me along?

So I've been seeing this guy since July.

We are not official yet, things have been moving slow. He's shy around me (he told me I'm pretty and I make him shy). Also, he has said he wants me to be his gf someday.

Anyway he seems interested. He pays for most dates, makes plans and stuff. He does send some cute texts. However, he's kind of drifted away twice now.

The first time he told me he had some stuff going on that he had to deal with (kind of vague). At the time I was the one initiating everything, and I was unhappy about that. So I decided to stop and see if he came to me, he didn't.

I finally texted him saying it was okay if he wasn't interested, but that we could just be friends. He responded saying it's not that he isn't interested, stuff just came up and he's been dealing with that. Then after that he was very attentive. Planning dates and sending cute texts,...

So he told me he wanted to go on a weekend trip with me. (Nothing major, just a 2 day trip to a nearby city). I agreed, he said he wanted to see me more and spend more time with me. I thought this was great as I do like him.

Well we planned this trip and everything was going well. Until the week of the trip. He told me he wanted to leave early on Friday morning, but didn't specify a time. So I was trying to get a time down. He didn't respond to me for a couple days.

So the day before we are set to leave (we have a hotel booked-I booked a few weeks before), and he tells me that his best friends dad passed away. I asked him if he was still okay to go and he said that the funeral was on Saturday.

I understand if this is truly the case. I get it. But I feel like I might be getting stringed along.

What do you guys think?

I never asked him directly what is going on, because I'm afraid to pry too much. I know that sounds silly. I don't want to get labelled crazy.
Also, I noticed the day that he cancelled the trip, he also deleted me off Facebook...


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