GIRLS ; So why do you think girls hold eye contact with other guys near me , but avoid eye contact / look at other guys when I MAKE EYE CONTACT?

Girls... When I look in the direction of a girl, I mostly catch them holding eye contact with other guys next to me, but not me?

So when I hang around with other guys , ( LIKE ANY OTHER GUY..,) , usually you see random girls walking past and looking at the guys.

But the thing is whenever I look at girls in their direction I always see them look at other guys I walk with or stand near those guys.

(The thing is if it happened with a few guys I wouldn't mind, BUT it happens with pretty much any guy I am friends with).

Whenever I look in the girls direction, I hardly ever catch them looking at me.

My picture:

So why many girls seem NOT interested in me?

Girl's opinion please.



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  • I think u are a handsome guy. Different girls like different type. You could try to smile can add to your charm 😁

  • Your a pretty good looking guy, you probably just aren't looking at the girls while they're looking at you.

    • Thanks :-) But when I look at a girl and try to make eye contact they don't look at me but the guy next standing close to me or guys standing in the other direction.

      I wait and c , but they don't even glance in my direction...

    • try not to worry too much about it, girls have different things that they like in guys. You'll find a girl that looks at you.

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