There is no way this Tinder guy is seriously into me?

Hi there. So I posted a question anonymously a few days ago and this is an update.
So if you read my previous question I want you know that the guy in question has texted me everyday since we first met up just to ask me about my day and make conversation. A few times he even makes hints about inviting me out but I just shut him down playfully. I don't even flirt back I just talk to him like a bro. So I've been super curious about why he still stays in contact with me and doesn't bring up sex. He texts me even when I'm cold to him, always tells me goodnight, likes my statuses on Favebook, sends me random snapchats and I even saw that he hasn't logged onto Tinder in 45 days. I'm just so surprised. There's no way in hell he's interested in me is there? At first I didn't really care for him either way but I'm starting to like him and I'm so... scared to start liking him if he's just going to use me or stop talking to me in a week. So does he sound interested? Can this be real life? You guys? I've been turned down so many times I can't even believe this guy could actually like me.

Holy SHIT I MEANT he hasn't logged onto Tinder in 5 days lol my bad


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  • If he wasn't into you I don't think he'd stay in touch like that. So you just need to decide if you want to take it further.


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  • Life is a gamble, its the one who can get back up that get rewarded the most.

    • What you talkin bout Wilus?

    • I'm saying, do it. Go on with this guy. And if things don't work out, don't let it keep you down.

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