I've been seeing a guy since July and it's been great. I love the text banter but not heard from him for over a week?

I've been seeing a guy since July and we've meet and things have been great. I love the text banter we have unfortunately l haven't heard from him in over a week. His last messages were like his normal messages. He has been away the last two weekends so l sent him 2 closed messages (a few days apart) to have a great time. He has a stressful high powered job which l knew from the beginning. The problem is l have had been hurt really bad in the past and this makes me guarded and want to run. Normally with guys l don't even get to the first date before my trainers are on and l'm sprinting. He knew l was a runner as l run from him the first night but that didn't put him off. Should l contact him and be truthful with him. Now l haven't heard from him it has made me realise how much l like him and he's given me some of my confidence and sparkle back. I think l have made him run by my behaviour as he doesn't know we're he stands. What to do, he has said previously that the cruelest thing someone can do in a relationship is to end things in a message and to say it's not you its me. I'd love your advise as l really like this guy and want to know how to make things better as l don't want previous relationships to destroy future ones. Thank you in advance.


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  • I think u should just tell him u wana take a break... and if u two are meant to be together then it will happen again... I always like to say what happens happens


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