Jus had my first date but unsure if she likes me?

Does anyone know or have any experience in this? Because I have no idea if this girl likes me or not when we had our first date.
So just to make it easier I`ll call her Lisa in this question.

I met Lisa on Tinder and it was great, we befriended each other on Facebook, swapped phonenumbers, had a Skype conversation and messaged each other almost every day or 2 with 1 message each time (a long message containing flirtations and questions with answers).

So I asked her out once when we knew each other for almost a month, but she couldn`t go on a date because it didn`t go well with her mother but she really wanted to go on a date with me.
Well about 1 month after that with still having a lot of fun messaging each other and some flirting I asked her out again when it went better with her mother and we arranged a time, date and place.

We both met each other at the spot we talked about and it went all well, I said she looked great and we gave each other 3 kisses on the cheeks.
So we had a great time going to the market, the churchtower to see the view, going to a place where we could get a drink outside, we went to the docks and ended at the trainstation where I told her I had a great time with her and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She responded with the same message that she also had a great time.

The thing I`m so confused about is that I was the one who started almost every single conversationpiece in which she gave a long and good answer and we had some laughs, but next to the thing that I started almost every conversation to prevent a long silence she also didn`t have that much eyecontact with me.

She did tell me that she was quite quiet a long time ago, but she found confidence in herself.
She also replied to my message about how I enjoyed it and asked her if she got home safely, she replied that she was happy I had a great time and that she also enjoyed it a lot.

Was this girl just very shy or didn`t she like me from the start of the date?


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  • she likes you and couldn't make eye contact or say a lot cause she was really nervous. And trying to hide it. If she was doing things like fidgeting or holding her hands together or looking down or almost anywhere but your face during a date she was nervous and didn't want to make a fool of herself. Yes sometimes girls care a lot about that kind of stuff. She was also probably really excited and embarrassed about how much she was enjoying herself. The fact that you didn't show it was bothering you that she wasn't starting the convos most likely made her feel at ease cause girls that are nervous worry about that too. Our brains are working superfast during this nervousness that we feel. We know we're not starting the convos and we beat ourselves up about it. The more you show her you don't mind it and aren't judgmental the more she'll relax and open up to you. Soon enough she'll start convos and talking all on her own without you saying a word.


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  • Sounds like she's shy...

  • I would agree that she sounds shy. Just keep on talking to her! :D

  • Sounds like she was shy, or possibly nervous. She's texting you still, so it looks like a good sign.


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